Bringing Sexy Back… to the Posterior Composite

Bringing Sexy Back…
to the Posterior Composite

I am bringing sexy back to the filling.
Yeah, the same filling that was the first thing that you learned in dental school. Yeah, the filling that you use to do all the time but might have gone away from. The filling, that when you see it on the schedule you are very ho hum about. But there will be nothing ho hum about fillings after this lecture.
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Dr. John Gammichia

Dr. John Gammichia

Dr. John Gammichia is a dentist that practices in a suburb of Orlando, Florida. He is a big believer in conservative dentistry and became concerned with the direction dentistry was going. He now is teaching on how being conservative can revolutionize one’s practice.
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Wow! Restorations that look like teeth. Great contacts, nice anatomy. And a very satisfied patient that will hopefully tell others.

I feel like everyone is so easily drawn away from the posterior composite. If it either CAD-CAM or a hot new E-max, they all have a draw away from what is conservative, fun, exciting and beautiful. I can take a tooth that is destined for a crown and put a large composite restoration on it. And not just put a restoration on it and hope. No, I put a restoration on this that is exquisite and I have all the confindence in the world that this large composite restoration will last 10 to 12 to 16 years. And I have photos to prove that. 
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